The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - Scene from episode one
Zombies from The Walking Dead - Episode one and two

The new show The Walking Dead, created by Frank Darabont for television, was aired in England on Friday 12th November. The show is based on the American graphic novel ‘The Walking Dead’ which I have not read, so I hope the show meets the expectations of the fans. The series tells the story of the Zombie Apocalypse aftermath.

It begins with the Deputy, Rick Grimes, played by England’s own Andrew Lincoln driving into a deserted area with cars turned over, corpses in cars and a young girl walking around who we later find out is a ‘walker’ aka Zombie. As a typical Zombie Apocalypse story, he is in an accident and is in hospital whilst the apocalypse begins. When he awakes he realises he has been dreaming about his friend being there to visit and finds himself to be alone in the deserted hospital. After he manages to get out of bed, he ventures towards the exit to discover it has been barricaded. This the first time that you begin to worry for his character and wonder how he will escape the hospital.

Frank Darabont uses lighting very skillfully in the next scene as Grimes goes down the fire exit in pitch black. All he has to see with is a match and then when he finds the exit into the daylight there is just an extreme bright light. It makes you wonder, is he outside or is he still in the hospital? Until the next shot shows him walking out into the car park which is full of dead bodies covered in sheets.

The show has brought back the original Zombie from George A Romero‘s Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. These Zombies are shown as people, not disease ridden creatures. They move slowly and can’t chase after you. It actually depicts Zombies to how they were always supposed to be, not the evolved ones we see in films today such as in 28 weeks later or Zombieland. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these Zombies. Zombieland is one of my favourite films. I love how they now research diseases which exist so that the decay, mucus and blood, which appears once a person has been bitten, actually looks realistic. It’s an amazing process. But the Zombies, or ‘walkers’ shall I say, in The Walking Dead look amazing. There are so many varieties. From the newly made walkers to the walkers who have not fed in days who are wrinkled, decaying and gasping for blood.

Here is a sneak preview of next weeks episode:


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