Raise the drinking age instead



Raise the drinking age to 21


University is not only about meeting people, living by yourself and going out every night. Most people already know this. But this year I have heard countless amounts of Freshers saying they only came to University for the nightlife. They don’t care about the education.

I want you to realise that YOU are the problem. YOU are the reason tuition fees will rise and you’ll be in extreme debt when you leave University.

In my Workplace Communication lecture we were asked why we wanted to go to University. Most people didn’t know why. I always knew I needed to go to University. My High School had always told me that it was the next step in education, which is true. For most people it is the next step. You need more education on certain topics for different careers. Furthermore, many employers want people who have more experience and knowledge on the job.

Education is important and I do not understand why so many students don’t realise that. This is why many students drop out during or after their first year. Or they fail completely and are told not to return.

Honestly, I think the best way to prevent situations like this occurring continuously is to raise the drinking age. Yes, students will still be able to purchase alcohol from somewhere but it will prevent them from going to bars and clubs which are the main downfall with young students. The nightlife of University, the excitement of being a fresher and living away from home are the main attractions to young adults. If you stop them from being able to go out, it might stop so many from wasting time and money on an education they don’t want.

By raising tuition fees the Government will prevent students who are willing to learn and wish to have a good career from achieving their goals. Students wishing to be Doctors, Nurses, Vets etc. will not have the same opportunity as they used to. Also, due to the new tuition fees increasing they might not even want to apply. I know the government believe they are doing the country a favour but what they are really doing is ruining the future for the next generation.


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