Black Veil Brides

Jinxx, Ashley Purdy, Andy Six, Jake Pitts, Christian Coma
BVB - Photography by Chad Michael Ward

The band Black Veil Brides formed in 2006 but weren’t signed until 2009 by Standby Records. They released their debut album earlier on this year on July 10th. As they are an American rock band they haven’t been introduced properly into the English rock scene until recently. Last week Kerrang! published a Rising Star poster special and Black Veil Brides were one of them.

Andy Sixx is the lead vocalist of the band and he is accompanied by Christian “CC” Coma (drummer), Jeremy “Jinxx” Ferguson ( rhythm guitar, violin), Jake Pitts (lead guitar) and Ashley Purdy (bass guitar). Andy is the only original member of the band as he started it back in 2006. The band was originally called Biersack which is Andy’s last name but it was later changed to Black Veil Brides before they were signed.

Many teenagers who were ‘MySpacers’ a few years ago may recognise the name ‘Andy Sixx’ and may even recognise him from these two photos:

Andy Biersack - MySpace

Andy Sixx was one of the “teen celebs” of the myspace era and was also part of the youtube vloggers.

I found Black Veil Brides on whilst listening to Escape The Fate‘s radio. When I first heard them I loved their sound. I looked up their album on Spotify and ended up buying it from iTunes. Andy’s vocals are amazing and I love every song on the album. I haven’t stopped listening to BVB since I first heard them on

But that’s my opinion. My music taste is extremely varied so I’m not saying everyone will love it. I’m just saying if you haven’t heard them before have a listen, I think you’ll enjoy it. Even if you’re not a fan of metal or rock music, you might find it to be a guilty pleasure. My housemate is a huge Indie fan and she even liked them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Their debut album, We Stitch These Wounds, has only released two songs so far. Knives and Pens was their debut single which was released last year on June 17th and then Perfect Weapon was released on June 14th this year, a month before the release of their debut album. In addition to this they have just finished a competition which was to find the girl who would play Carolyn in their next music video. Carolyn is the last song on their debut album and it shall be their next single.

Andy has said in previous interviews that he wants to have the fans involved and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Black Veil Brides are THE up and coming band. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Debut single Knives and Pens:

Perfect Weapon:


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