Express yourself

I’ve always been slightly unsure of what I want to do as a career. After studying the News & Journalism unit, as well as Fact & Fiction, during my last year at Bournemouth University I’ve realised that Journalism is a great career choice.

As I’ve said before, there are many different types of journalism, but I’ve always been interested in films. Films, especially horror, fascinate me. I’ve loved horror films since I was a child and I hope to go into that industry in the near future.

Empire Magazine intrigues me because they show more opinionated pieces as well as reviews about films and that’s what I love reading about. Furthermore, being able to access news stories online is great because you may not always want to go out and buy the publication, such as a newspaper or magazine.

Although, unlike most people, I don’t like to rely on the opinions I receive from the publications. Such as a review on Empire may slate a film, but it makes me want to go and see it and provide my own review. That’s what journalism makes me want to do; show what I think about the films, as every opinion matters.

Especially with horror films as they are usually seen as a waste of time or apparently have no real plot. But in my eyes, horror films are more interesting than romantic comedies or action films as they show ideologies and represent the contemporary events happening in society at that time.

For the past five years I have always thought about doing this myself, expressing my opinions about what I think and feel about certain events, and that’s why I always thought about going into directing or screen-writing for films as they are a great way to express your own opinions, even in a subconcious way as Stuart Hall stated in 1973 about how producers embed messages for the audience to read and decipher for themselves.

I think Empire Magazine and Total Film are great because they also allow others to comment and give their own reviews and ratings. They give the readers a voice and a way to express themselves which is great. Film journalism doesn’t need to be exaggerated, it just needs to be truthful which is an amazing way to show your own opinion.


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