News stories could be worse than gore-fest horror films

Reading stories such as the one about Clifford Lown are extremely disturbing. Especially when they’re local.

Clifford Lown, 49, of Epsom, Surrey, was convicted of abusing two children between 1987 and 1997 and a third child in 2010 following an Old Bailey trial. Lown handed in a video of him raping a woman in 2004 as he believed this would help his defence.

Judge Charles Wide QC stated, “It was a symptom of your grotesque misunderstanding and your lack of sympathy that you didn’t realise how other people would react to such a video, thinking bizarrely that it might help you,” he said.

“That just demonstrates how utterly distorted your thinking is.”

Lown has been sentenced to 19years in jail, which is six years longer than the normal sentence. He was found guilty of three acts of indecency with a child, four counts of rape, and one of sexual assault of a child.

Stories such as Lown’s are shocking and these types of stories are what make some of the world hate the news and try to avoid it. My high school history teacher told me that when she reads the news, she feels like killing herself. Dramatic and over the top, yes, but she does have a point. Not everyone wants to know about murders or rapists and news nowadays has become extremely graphic.

News such as this story makes me wonder why journalists, Doctors and theorists question whether violent films or video games make people commit crimes when we see worse stories in the news. Horror films such as Saw or Hostel are not as bad as some of the true stories we hear on the news, such as the war in the Middle East, rapists in local areas, people being chopped up and thrown in rivers or about spies being murdered and put into bags.

These aren’t fictional stories we hear about, and it makes you wonder, how can you trust anyone when someone is capable of doing that to another human being.

Furthermore it is stories like these, that we read about everyday, that make us become desensitised to other violent stories. Why be afraid of a horror film when there’s something worse happening down the road?

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