Cockneys vs Zombies finally has a release date!

Last year in April I was an extra in Cockneys vs Zombies and after being told it was going to be released on Feb 14th 2012, (but it wasn’t finished), it has now finally been given a release date, 31st August.

After waiting and waiting the film is finally coming out. It was a fantastic experience to be on a film set, even in the cold at 6am. But the best bit was scaring the locals whilst we walked down the road, in a massive group of bloody zombies.

Once the trailer is released I shall post it on my blog, but for now all I can do is carry on waiting. I would write a synopsis, but from what I just read on empire, it’s slightly different to what I was told when I was in the film.

So I’ll add that later as well.

Only thing is, when the film comes out I won’t be seen ’til the end of the film, although with my bright red hair, I’m not hard to spot.



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