Eurogamer 2012

Being a girl, it’s quite hard for people to take you seriously when you say you’re into video games. The first thing they think is that you’re probably crap at any game which isn’t aimed at girls. But when you start talking about your obsession with Fallout 3 and New Vegas, they start to take you more seriously…sometimes.

I’ve always been into games, ever since I was around the age of 5. My brother and I had a PS1 and we would play games before going to school. Now, I won’t lie, the first time I started playing video games I was playing Spyro, Rayman and Crash Bandicoot. But as the years have gone by I became more interested in RPGs and FPS games such as Call of Duty, F.E.A.R and the Fallout series.

The first time I went to the Eurogamer Expo was in 2008, and little to my knowledge did I know it was the first expo they actually had. It was the first time I played Fallout 3, and I do remember queueing up for World At War and then freaking out and literally running away as I didn’t know the controls for the game as I’d never played on an Xbox…

Moving on!

2012’s Eurogamer expo was 10 times better than 2008, it also had around 40,000 people turn up over the 4 days it was held at Earl’s Court, and without a doubt I was in awe at what I saw. Zombie’s walking around, insane (sexy) sports cars, cosplay and a 103 inch TV just for the tournament area. It was amazing.

I still cannot believe I queued for an hour and half to play Black Ops 2, but it was definitely worth the wait. Especially to meet and get a signed poster from David Vonderhaar, the game design director. The game is now set in 2025 and here’s a video to give you more details on the classes of Black Ops 2:


Another game which seems it will be an immediate success is Dishonored. Being a supernatural assassin driven by revenge, being able to use magic, jump onto rooftops, possess a rat and then kill your enemy, what more could you want? Check out the trailer here:


I’ll be honest, I played Halo 4 and I was disappointed. But I love Call of Duty, so maybe that’s why, most people I know either love one and hate the other, and I do not like Halo. I have played it before and I enjoyed playing online, but this time it just seemed boring. It was not worth the wait, but still, check it out if you’re a fan of the series:


Assassin’s Creed 3 was great. I played through the demo and loved it, until it glitched out and I fell into the sea, which I couldn’t believe happened as I was in a fort…

Although I did love it when the guy working in the area came over and didn’t know what the hell happened as no one else had had this glitch before. Other than that though, Assassin’s Creed is still as good as it has always been:


If you love video games as much as I do, you should definitely check out the Eurogamer Expo next year at Earl’s Court!

Playing games you love before they’re even released, what more could you want?


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