Delicious Italian Food in Greater London

Last Friday I graduated from University! Finally have to enter the real world…but the point of this post is the graduation meal I had.

Vinoteca Italiana is a local Italian restaurant to me, it’s quite new which is why we thought we’d check it out, and I am so glad that we did! The food was AMAZING. I couldn’t believe how good it was to be honest. For my starter I had scallops and they were the nicest, most delicious scallops I have ever had. Even the mussels my dad had were delicious, and I rarely ever eat them. My main was basically lobster ravioli, and it was fantastic. Plus, they don’t overdo the portions which is always a bonus. They actually give you enough food to fill you up and don’t overindulge you.

But the best thing about this meal was what I had for dessert. Well, I say dessert…it was a drink. But it was incredible. Sorbet, vodka and Limoncello, something you’d never think about mixing together, but it was the most perfect drink I have tasted. Served in a tall martini glass, it was smooth, delicious, lemony and alcoholic. Perfection in a glass. No lie.


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