Benefit The Real Steal Review


I recently purchased Benefit’s ‘The Real Steal’, which comes with They’re Real! Mascara, They’re Real! Push-up Liner and They’re Real! Remover all for £19.50 which is the same price as the Mascara alone. When I first went to use it I was hopeful, as the wand has the perfect bristle comb which is supposed to coat each individual lash and even make you discover lashes you didn’t even know you had.

After the first application I was doubtful, it wasn’t different to other mascaras I have used, other than the price tag. But what I did notice was as the day went by, my lashes began to look fuller and curlier than I thought they would which was fantastic! Who doesn’t want their eyes to pop?

Benefit's The Real Steal

As it is a gel mascara it appears like it is clumping when you reapply on your lashes, but if you use the bristles on the tip of the wand, you can easily spread the mascara and fan out your lashes without them clumping and looking like spider legs.

The mascara is very similar to MUA Extreme Curl Mascara which is only £2, so that is where the downside is. For the price, it’s not worth it for the mascara alone, but for the Real Steal which includes the They’re Real! eyeliner, it nearly makes it acceptable to pay £20 for a couple of items (nearly…).

Now, the eyeliner! I have been using liquid eyeliner since I was 14, and after 9 years of using it I still haven’t found the perfect eyeliner which will glide on effortlessly, the one which will not leave a black line on the top of my eyelid, but this one comes close to being perfect! It is a wonderful eyeliner for the novice as it is a push-up liner, you turn the bottom of the tube (and don’t do what I did and keep turning as you think it’s not working), the gel comes out from the tip of the applicator, similar to certain lip liners and a little goes a long way!

Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner

It is buildable, but after a while when the underneath has dried, it can begin to flake if you’re still applying. However if you’re after a subtle thin line, this is the liner for you! The only negative (but also a positive) is that the liner is very waterproof, so if you mess up the line, it is harder to remove. But with the right eye makeup remover, it will come off with ease, which is why the Real Steal comes with They’re Real Remover, but it’s only a tiny sample sachet. (If you can’t clean it off with your makeup remover or with face wash, try using baby lotion, works a treat!)

To wrap up, the Real Steal is a great product to get if you haven’t tried the Benefit range, as you can sample their new liner and try a great mascara but if like me, you’d rather have quality with a great price, go for the MUA Extreme Curl, but if you don’t mind the price you definitely need to try this, you won’t regret it. You’ll have gorgeous pin up eyes in no time!

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