UK driving test might drop the three-point-turn

Image from Red Driving School
Image from Red Driving School

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?

I just read on the Metro about the DVSA changing the driving test and they might scrap the three point turn. It also said that ‘Anyone who has ever taken a driving test knows the terror you feel when the invigilator says: ‘And now lets try a three-point turn.’’ – I thought the turn in the road was the easiest manoeuvre?

Austin Powers 3 point turn

The article states that the new test will include using a SAT-NAV whilst on the driving test and ‘The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) say the national driving test, which has remained unchanged for 20 years, might be updated ‘to better reflect real-life driving’.’ – Was it not real life driving before?

Images courtesy of: BIReady and Metro
Images courtesy of: BIReady and Metro

Yes, the test may need some updating, but I don’t think they should scrap anything. Learning to drive and passing your test is just stage one of being a good driver, because once you get that pink license, everything you learnt whilst being a learner goes out the window and you begin to get into your own routine of driving.

And like they say, you really learn to drive once you pass your test, as you are then on your own, in your own car, and you can actually listen to music. You have more distractions going on, with friends or family in the car, and you need to make sure that you are in control of your car as you are the only person responsible for it now.

We don’t need to dramatically change the driving test, we just need to make drivers aware of what they should and shouldn’t do, and make them realise the consequences if they fail to drive properly. Because at the end of the day, what’s more important to you? Driving fast or your own life?

The Metro can say ‘Road safety charity Brake has conducted research that found almost one in four newly passed drivers aged 18-24 in the UK crash within two years of passing their driving test.’ But that’s not because of the driving test not being up to scratch, it’s that people of any age, including myself, are easily distracted whilst driving.

Image by © Don Mason/Blend Images/Corbis - from
Image by © Don Mason/Blend Images/Corbis – from

If they want to make the driving test more like real life, then they should include using a SAT-NAV and having the radio on, because you’re not going to sit in your car in silence once you pass your test.

But they shouldn’t scrap the turn in the road as it’s probably the most used manoeuvre, and it’s the most helpful and useful manoeuvre. You’re not always going to need to parallel park and you’re not always going to reverse round a corner, but you might need to get out of traffic or if you get stuck down a road, you’ll need that 3 point turn.

So yes, the DVSA should update the driving test, but don’t start scraping things. We don’t need more idiotic drivers on the road who end up causing accidents because they didn’t learn everything they needed to.



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