Top 5 Christmas Films

There’s just over a week to go until Christmas and I’d like to share with you my favourite films to watch at Christmas. Majority of them you probably won’t agree with, but these have been my favourite for years and always make me feel Christmassy and get into the festive spirit!


LOVE-ACTUALLY_510x3175. Love Actually

I know that this film isn’t everyone’s favourite, but for me I love all the different stories around Christmas. I feel that it brings together all the emotions of Christmas, of being with family, of love and romance as well as broken hearts and regret. But by the end, things get resolved and it’s a new start for the new year, which is what we all hope, especially when making resolutions (even though we don’t usually keep them…or is that just me?)


elf and the grinch4. Elf/The Grinch

Now this spot needed to have these both films because every year I will watch either of them. They are both fab family Christmas films for all the family to enjoy! What’s better than watching Jim Carrey play a Grinch and seeing Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl and The Pretty Reckless as Cindy Lou Who. Or seeing Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones attack Will Ferrell for calling him an Elf. Classic!


Die Hard Christmas3. Die Hard 1&2

It’s not Christmas unless you watch Die Hard 1 & 2! They’re the best kind of Christmas films as they’re set around Christmas, but the only real Christmassy thing about them is the decorations in the background and the statement of it being ‘Christmas Eve’. Definitely a winner with my boyfriend when he won’t watch Love Actually with me…(and the back up can always be Iron Man 3.)


The_Holiday_Wallpaper_by_marty_mclfy2. The Holiday

Whenever I watch The Holiday all I want to know is where can I find an adorable little cottage in Surrey to live in! I love the differences between Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz), with Iris being too in touch with her emotions and letting men keep her on a string, and Amanda not being able to cry or show her emotions when her boyfriend cheats on her. But in the end after running away from their problems at Christmas and exchanging homes for a 2 week holiday, they end up with much more than they expected. It’s a great comedic film with a heart warming finale.


bugsy malone

1. Bugsy Malone

It may not be a traditional Christmas film, or even be about Christmas, but for many years as a child it was always on the TV at Christmas. And now I can’t have Christmas without watching it at least once, it makes my Christmas Day. Plus I have to sing along to it. (who can’t help but sing along to You Give A Little Love?)






That’s the beauty of Christmas, as it brings us together with our families and we can remember all those moments that make the holidays special for us, even if it is just from watching a good Christmas film.

Let me know in the comments what some of your favourite Christmas films are, or even the ones you just love to watch at Christmas 🙂

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