Ready Player One – Film Review


I’m not sure where to begin with this review. I hadn’t heard much about this film, although I’d seen multiple posters for it around the underground. My friends wanted to book to go see it, so I thought I might as well check out the trailer beforehand – which was okay, standard Hollywood type trailer, nothing really screamed at me.

But this film. Wow. Words cannot explain how much I LOVED this film.

For me, a film can make it or break it with a score and it seems that since Guardians of the Galaxy came along with their epic soundtrack, everyone has needed to step up – and boy, does Ready Player One deliver.

The opening song is majestic and sets the tone for the film; the characters are introduced well and in a lighthearted tone that isn’t forced upon you – and don’t get me started on the camera angles. They. Were. Powerful.

So, to the film. I’ll let you know a snippet about it, as I highly encourage you to go see it for yourself.

ready player one

The film is focused on a young man named Wade, whose father decided to name him something that sounded similar to an undercover superhero of sorts. The world as we know it has come to an end, and people can no longer deal with their real lives so they go into the virtual world that is called – Oasis.

Oasis is like what VR Chat could become, it’s the closest thing we have to it for me to explain it to you.

You can be whoever you want to be, human or character, girl or boy, tall or short – you think it, you can be it.

The man (Halliday) who created the Oasis has died, and when he died he sent a video to every single person stating that he has sent off 3 keys for the worthy to find, and whoever finds those 3 keys will inherit his business and his fortune.


Wade, who’s character’s name is Parzival in Oasis, as no one uses their real names, has tried multiple times to overcome the first challenge with his online friends, Aech, Daito and Sho. And failed. Multiple times. Until he meets the beautiful Art3mis who makes him rethink what he knows.

So there’s a rough intro into the film, I don’t want to give too much away as this is a film that needs to be seen and enjoyed, not explained and put into a box.

Stephen Spielberg is known to be an amazing director, but he really pulled it out the bag with this one. It’s a film that the whole family can enjoy as there are references to multiple games from the past and present – Easter Eggs for the fans, if you will.

Brilliant, majestic, powerful, creative; 4 words to describe Ready Player One.

Go watch it. You’ll be on the edge of your seat.

RPO poster

Ready Player One – In cinemas now.


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