The Gore Factor ♥ – Top 10 gory horror films

I have included a few films which I love and a few which are here purely because they ooze of blood and guts.

My top 10 horrors:

10. Zombieland – Zombie-tastic.

It’s not exactly a typical horror. I wouldn’t say it’s scary but it does include Zombies who are dripping in blood. It brought another edge to the Horror genre and once again we see the fast, running zombies which have recently been appearing in horror films. It’s a good film and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should!

9. The Shining – Classic.

Do I really need to say anything about this film? The Shining is one of the most iconic horrors of the horror industry. The phrase ‘Here’s Johnny!’ has been used countless amounts of times since and the scene when he breaks down the door is seen in shows such as The Simpsons. It has also been used in films such as The Seed of Chucky. The Shining has an amazing cast who made the film what it is today.

8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre –
Cult Classic

Now when I say the Texas Chainsaw Massacre I mean all of them. The beginning, the remake, the original, all of them.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a horror which cannot be missed. Leatherface is an iconic character in the horror genre.

7. Ginger Snaps – Cult Classic

If you haven’t seen Ginger Snaps you might not know it’s a werewolf film. It’s a low budget Canadian film which has done extremely well amongst cult horror fans.
The main character, Ginger, is attacked and bitten by a Werewolf which is killed by a passing car. She soon begins to show signs that she is transforming into a Werewolf and as the next full Moon approaches she begins to change mentally as well as physically. She shows traits of a masculine feminine female and also becomes a seductress to her male admirers. Ginger and her sister Bridgette have a love for death until it actually creeps up on them…

6. Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2 – Monsterific

Jeepers Creepers is weird and horrific. It brings back the original horror movies which were about monsters coming after humans. It’s disgusting but awesome. The second one also shows a new side to ‘Jeepers Creepers’. It’s a film you should watch if you’re a fan of horror.

5. Silent Hill – Goraptation

Silent Hill is an adaptation of the video game Silent Hill. It depicts the same storyline which was shown in the game. When the siren sounds and the darkness surrounds you, you know something bad is going to happen. Especially when the main character is in the bathroom and there is a deceased man tied to the toilet. When the lights go out, you hear something begin to move…
The film has fantastic characters and monsters. A sequel was announced to be in the making until the director pulled out. Another was rumoured to have begun again but other rumours have declared they don’t have enough money.

4. The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2 – Gorellent

The Hills Have Eyes 2 is my favourite out of the two and this is due to the characters. They’re amusing within the sequel. Especially the mutant trying to help who shouts “run away” at one of the soldiers. For me, it’s quite comical as well as gory. One of the first scenes shows a previous soldier being found in the outhouse inside the toilet. Once they have pulled him out they realise he is covered in tiny cuts which have been infected from the human excrement. A later scene shows a soldier being grabbed and dragged through a hole in the mountain by his leg which makes his other leg snap so he can be pulled through. It’s disgusting, gruesome and goretastic.

3. Saw – Gorilicious

The Saw films have been made just for the gore factor. They are explicit and gorilicious. Every film brings a new way of killing someone. The makers of the Saw films have said that they had dreamed about the situations and wondered, what if it happened to them? Many people think that the films will never end but each film adds to the story and brings a new twist which stops it being predictable. Jigsaw is artistic with his creations and he always leaves his participants with a chance of survival, it just depends on how far they are willing to go to live.

2. Hostel 1 & 2 – Gorabulous

The first time I saw Hostel I hated the part when you see a guy cut the Achilles tendon on his ‘patient’. Especially when he says he can go and the guy tries to walk. It makes my skin crawl if I’m honest.
The second one is as gruesome, maybe even more. Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino have a skill of making you look away from the screen. No matter what film Tarantino makes, whether he has directed it, produced it or written it, the film will make you shudder.
Eli Roth has written about fantasies some people might have but never physically satisfy. Roth and Tarantino like to bring the ‘taboo’ to the screen and shock you. This is seen in Hostel 2 where a woman lies naked in a bath, slaughtering another naked woman hanging upside down above her, whose blood she uses to bathe in.

1. Frontiers = Gore-rific!

When I realised the film was French I wasn’t expecting much. I hadn’t seen the trailer and I knew nothing about the storyline. But once the film gets going it became one of the most gory films I have ever seen.

A guy is shut into a steam machine and you watch as his skin melts. More Achilles tendon cutting and shots to the head. There’s blood and guts and lots of it. Everything a modern day horror needs.


Raise the drinking age instead



Raise the drinking age to 21


University is not only about meeting people, living by yourself and going out every night. Most people already know this. But this year I have heard countless amounts of Freshers saying they only came to University for the nightlife. They don’t care about the education.

I want you to realise that YOU are the problem. YOU are the reason tuition fees will rise and you’ll be in extreme debt when you leave University.

In my Workplace Communication lecture we were asked why we wanted to go to University. Most people didn’t know why. I always knew I needed to go to University. My High School had always told me that it was the next step in education, which is true. For most people it is the next step. You need more education on certain topics for different careers. Furthermore, many employers want people who have more experience and knowledge on the job.

Education is important and I do not understand why so many students don’t realise that. This is why many students drop out during or after their first year. Or they fail completely and are told not to return.

Honestly, I think the best way to prevent situations like this occurring continuously is to raise the drinking age. Yes, students will still be able to purchase alcohol from somewhere but it will prevent them from going to bars and clubs which are the main downfall with young students. The nightlife of University, the excitement of being a fresher and living away from home are the main attractions to young adults. If you stop them from being able to go out, it might stop so many from wasting time and money on an education they don’t want.

By raising tuition fees the Government will prevent students who are willing to learn and wish to have a good career from achieving their goals. Students wishing to be Doctors, Nurses, Vets etc. will not have the same opportunity as they used to. Also, due to the new tuition fees increasing they might not even want to apply. I know the government believe they are doing the country a favour but what they are really doing is ruining the future for the next generation.

Haven’t you heard? Fallen Angels are the new vampires

Fallen and Torment front covers - Lauren Kate

Fallen Angels are slowly becoming the new ‘in’ thing within the media industry. Last year we saw Legion, a film about a Fallen Angel who had come to Earth to let a baby be born and stop the world ending. Then books such as Fallen and hush, hush came onto the scene. I have read Lauren Kate‘s Fallen and her recently published Torment, the second in the series. Honestly, they are as good as the Twilight Saga. Without the ‘glittery’ Vampires of course. Lauren Kate’s books are about forbidden love between an Angel who has fallen from heaven as he fell in love with a mortal girl. He is cursed to see her reincarnated and turn to dust whenever they fall in love and kiss. The books bring intense romance, thrilling action and confused, lusting feelings of teenage love. Lauren Kate has started something amazing with these two books and I hope there will be a long series to follow.

Fallout – Awesome gaming

Fallout 1 - PC game

The Fallout series first began in the 90s when the first Fallout game was released on the PC. The graphics weren’t much to go by due to the technology available at the time. Fallout 2 was released in 1998 and it wasn’t until 2008 when the next edition to the Fallout series would be seen.

Fallout 3 – logo

Fallout 3 was a hit within the gaming community. Although, many didn’t like the V.A.T.S technique where you could aim at individual body parts and save ammo. Most gamers prefer in first-person-shooter games to be able to shoot at someone without having to aim and to be able to kill an enemy whilst running or without the V.A.T.S. However, in Fallout 3 you have been inside a Vault since you were born and have only ventured out to find your father who has escaped. Therefore, you have no skills with guns or any melee weapon. Furthermore, throughout the game when you level up you get to choose what other skills you can have. For example, you could get the ‘Daddy’s girl/boy’ perk which provides you with +5 science and +5 medicine which means you can now use stimpaks more effectively when you’re hurt. This is why V.A.T.S is included so that you can develop throughout the game and learn to fight. As they say, you don’t run before you can walk.

V.A.T.S – Fallout 3

Fallout 3 also had  DLC to the game which were Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. This was so that once you finished the game you could continue and explore another island and other areas on the map which you could not previously. Furthermore, the ending of the game before the add-ons was a shock to the system as you think there is more to come but sadly there is not. Well, until you have bought the add-ons to continue playing.

Here is the Fallout 3 trailer:

and here is the Fallout 3 teaser:

Both trailers use contrasting music to set the scene of the aftermath of the atomic bomb. The first trailer shows the actual creatures you will come across during the game.  It shows the effects of what has occurred after the atomic bomb and it goes well with the advert you see at the start of the trailer which is foreseeing the future. The Vault which is being advertised is what the character you play has been brought up in. Throughout the game you learn about the character’s father and his life work. During the game you can become a Saviour of the Damned or Demon Spawn. This is due to your karma level which begins as neutral.  Depending on what you do throughout the game is how your karma level changes. For example, if you kill innocent people, steal from people or eat human flesh your karma level will drop. However, if you kill your enemy, protect the innocent, do good deeds, go on quests for others without killing them in the process and help the wasteland on its way back to normality, then your karma will rise and eventually you will become a saint of the wasteland.
After two years of Fallout 3, the next chapter has finally arrived! Fallout: New Vegas is here and is quite different to Fallout 3. There are new characters, new creatures and you can go into the Casinos and gamble away your money. The gameplay is similar to Fallout 3 so if you have played it before, you will be at home with the new game. New Vegas is portrayed like another world in comparison with the Wasteland. It has barely been touched by the atomic bomb. And once I have played the newest edition to the Fallout series, I shall give a review on the game. But I will say what I have heard already. Allegedly there are glitches within the game, as there are in most games, however the glitches begin as the game starts. A lot of people are unsure of what the game is now about and once again there are complaints about the V.A.T.S. But if the gamers don’t like it, they don’t need to play it.

As you can tell from the trailer, Fallout: New Vegas is similar to Fallout 3 but with new guns, new creatures and a new environment. Obviously.

Here is a history of the Fallout series:

And finally, to finish here is a preview of Fallout: New Vegas –

Hopefully it’s as good as Fallout 3…and hopefully less addictive.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - Scene from episode one
Zombies from The Walking Dead - Episode one and two

The new show The Walking Dead, created by Frank Darabont for television, was aired in England on Friday 12th November. The show is based on the American graphic novel ‘The Walking Dead’ which I have not read, so I hope the show meets the expectations of the fans. The series tells the story of the Zombie Apocalypse aftermath.

It begins with the Deputy, Rick Grimes, played by England’s own Andrew Lincoln driving into a deserted area with cars turned over, corpses in cars and a young girl walking around who we later find out is a ‘walker’ aka Zombie. As a typical Zombie Apocalypse story, he is in an accident and is in hospital whilst the apocalypse begins. When he awakes he realises he has been dreaming about his friend being there to visit and finds himself to be alone in the deserted hospital. After he manages to get out of bed, he ventures towards the exit to discover it has been barricaded. This the first time that you begin to worry for his character and wonder how he will escape the hospital.

Frank Darabont uses lighting very skillfully in the next scene as Grimes goes down the fire exit in pitch black. All he has to see with is a match and then when he finds the exit into the daylight there is just an extreme bright light. It makes you wonder, is he outside or is he still in the hospital? Until the next shot shows him walking out into the car park which is full of dead bodies covered in sheets.

The show has brought back the original Zombie from George A Romero‘s Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. These Zombies are shown as people, not disease ridden creatures. They move slowly and can’t chase after you. It actually depicts Zombies to how they were always supposed to be, not the evolved ones we see in films today such as in 28 weeks later or Zombieland. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these Zombies. Zombieland is one of my favourite films. I love how they now research diseases which exist so that the decay, mucus and blood, which appears once a person has been bitten, actually looks realistic. It’s an amazing process. But the Zombies, or ‘walkers’ shall I say, in The Walking Dead look amazing. There are so many varieties. From the newly made walkers to the walkers who have not fed in days who are wrinkled, decaying and gasping for blood.

Here is a sneak preview of next weeks episode: