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The Egg Diet


Fad diets try to make us eat healthily, especially when they say “celebrities lost weight this way.” There are many variations of the egg diet; the most insane consists of eating 9 eggs a day (yes, 9) and only having water or crystal light drink mix. Nigella Lawson’s husband Charles Saatchi tried this and he did lose four stone in nine months, but his doctor said “It’s neck and neck whether Charles keels over or loses weight first.”

The other egg diets incorporate other ingredients, but the egg only diet cuts down on additional thinking about what to have for dinner. All you need are three eggs for each meal. However, eating so many eggs makes your cholesterol rise and can lead to liver and kidney disease. If that wasn’t bad enough, eating so many eggs leads to constipation, bad breath and belching (unless that’s a normal day for you). The egg only diet doesn’t require exercise, but with only 600-ish calories a day you couldn’t peel your eggs, let alone run.